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January has passed in a haze of newness, as January is supposed to. Is there anything better than taking your mind off the bleakness of the low point of the year than to start new projects?

And so I have. I have been off figuring out the best way of revising the 656 page manuscript that I wrote (snip, snip). I printed it out so that I might carry it around everywhere until revisions are done. It’s intimidating enough that it also doubles as a security device, for if anyone tried to mug me, I could certainly swing it at their head and make my escape.

The print shop called me to tell me they were having some trouble finding a wide enough coil to bind it.

At the moment, I’m hoping to get through my first round of revisions by April, which is ambitious. But it’s nice to switch gears. I have always preferred revision to first draft writing because now is when the magic really begins to happen. I’m finding connections between my characters that weren’t obvious until I wrote the story to the end, so changing the text to bring those out to someplace useful is really fun.

And while I revise, I have a new companion and friend to keep my feet warm, which might be the best bit of all.

Lilly Bella, Beagle Extraordinaire @ 3 months


  • ccyager

    Beagles are the best companion hounds, but they do love to run and hunt! We had a beagle named Tiki when I was little. I loved that dog! I’m just about halfway through my first revision of my second novel and I began it last September. Time is always a challenge with a fulltime job, and energy is the other challenge since I have autoimmune diseases and with them comes autoimmune fatigue for which there’s no remedy. So I focus my revision work on weekends. I hope that you’re able to achieve your revision goal. Good luck!

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