Raising kids suddenly takes a lot of work.  Apparently the last five months blurred a bit and I was far too busy figuring out how to parent to keep this journal updated.  I’ll do better now.  Really.  I know you may have heard this before, but the thing is that I’m turning 30 and now I have some resolutions to stick to.

At least for a while.

But see, now it’s April, which means we’re nearly through the school year.  I’m planting my garden.  I’m working like a dog.  I’m nurturing all over the place, which means this journal too.  I never have more creative output than in April.  It’s the weather – the promise of something good coming, but still too erratic to actually plan anything.

April is a time of promises.  And so, I promise you, dear reader (if there’s any of you left after such neglect), that I am going to try and put up at least a post a week.  Because that really shouldn’t be so much to ask, should it?

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