Happy Sparkversary to Me

I noticed the other day that today is my 2 year anniversary of joining, which is a website dedicated to helping people eat right and exercise. Weight loss is a major goal for most people on there. When I joined, it was definitely one of mine.

When I started there, I had a slightly overweight BMI and had the goal of losing ten pounds. I’d just discovered my thyroiditis, which first made itself evident when I lost 15 pounds for no reason. During my hyperthroid phase, I remembered what it felt like to have a body that was agile. Then my thyroiditis did its thing and I gained it all back, plus a few pounds. Although I have been significantly heavier in the past, I decided that that was enough.

After a few months of learning about nutrition, tracking the nutritional values of my meals and regularly working out, I’d lost my ten pounds. I kept eating right and exercising and to my very great surprise, I lost ten more pounds, putting my BMI right where it’s supposed to be and returning my body to a shape that I had thought I had grown out of forever.

Two years later, I’ve gained back five pounds, keeping off fifteen over two years. I don’t work out nearly as much as I was during my intensive weight loss (though I am trying to get back to it), but I’m more active overall. I walk a mile to the train station twice a day on every week day. I’m back in yoga classes. Sometimes I even run, though not as regularly as I would like to think I do. But it’s progress. Time and my intense desire to sleep all the time (thyroiditis sucks that way) are my biggest challenges.

Thanks to Sparkpeople, I have more or less the same body shape as I did when I graduated high school. I’m stronger. I can walk longer, climb more stairs, pick up heavier things and stretch further. I have never been athletic before in my life. I nearly cried the first time I sat in Lotus Pose and put my chest to my knee and my head to the floor. I finally felt like I owned my body and it was powerful and strong.

I feel like I’ve made a lifelong change and I am awfully proud of me for it. It’s not easy changing habits or making healthy choices with food. So yes, happy Sparkversary to me. That place changed my life.

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